Six years of online art gallery France Switzerland, continued.

When you are an artist from the National School of Fine Arts, there are three ways to set up a website: buy a prefabricated structure from a platform, acquire a tailor-made site from a specialized company, or almost everything do it either from a host, for example at OVH.

With his inimitable way of wrinkling his nose, Artemis Irenäus convinced me to accept the third solution: “we will create our online art gallery with freedom !!”. This generated the visit of many computer forums on how to find such and such a Plugin, many meals taken in front of the computer screen (with Artémis Irenäus who fell asleep without realizing it), and sometimes asking for the help from professionals, especially in 2020 when the PHP version of the site found itself outdated in front of the new series of updates.

A site that works but that selects:

Some artists were going to rally us, to come from friends and friends, studio doors opened, sales began, professional transport services lost us some works, and to ward off the blows of fate we decided to favor a small group. artists exhibiting: it is better to be able to actively take care of a group of about twenty exhibitors – French, Swiss, German, Italian, Sicilian, Vietnamese and South American than to receive a plethora of artists and leave some side.

The online art gallery continues to develop with you, Artémis Irenäus is 35, I am 53, we have many years ahead of us to tell you the little stories of our artists in the great history of Art.

Sincerely, everyone.


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