Marie Isabelle

After studying from 2012 to 2014 at Atelier KORONIN (Paris 19), and a career as a medical secretary, I decided to make my passion my main activity.
I am passionate about animals. I often represent wild animals from Africa, the coast, the undergrowth and even the ocean.

Guinea pigs are my artistic signature in essence. A series of paintings on canvas and paper drawings is in production. I do artistic quad rollerblading which I adapt to extreme practice in the skatepark. In my drawings, my rollerblading characters are airy, they express their feelings through body movements as in a contemporary dance.

Finally, I am immersed in Pop and Geek culture. I am mainly sensitive to the fantastic universe of NINTENDO, and more particularly the METROID license. I offer 100% artisanal work: I select my paintings in Montmartre and mount them on a solid wooden frame with a nail.

I mainly work with acrylic paints, watercolors, fine black felt-tip pens, sienna ink, colored pencil, POSCA, colored felt-tip pens and oil pastels.

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A special view of the animal world

Selection of animal paintings
White !
a whole bestiary in painting

Sélection Peintures de Marie Isabelle

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