Marie Isabelle

After studying from 2012 to 2014 at Atelier KORONIN (Paris 19), I decided to develop my passion by working on my two favorite styles: cartoon drawing and animal acrylic painting.

I am passionate about animals. I often represent wild animals from Africa, the coast, the undergrowth and even the ocean. My animal paintings are all made with acrylic. I like to use this medium for its quick drying, because I work on my paintings in superimposed layers. I also sometimes brush my paint to give it melted transition effects like with oil. My style is not hyperrealism. My intention is that one can appreciate the texture of the painting. In the manner of the Impressionists, the further away you go, the more you get the feeling of depth and realism; the closer you get, the better you see the artist’s brushstrokes and paste. Even from the assembly of my support, I offer 100% artisanal work: in fact, I select my paintings in Montmartre and mount them on a solid pine wood frame and with a nail to upholster with the strength of my hands.

You should also know that I am a big consumer of comics and cartoons. Being born in the 90s introduced me to the best animated productions from Disney (which is currently my work neighbor!) and the Cartoon period!

Moreover, during my art studies, I planned to create my own comic strip, then to do traditional animation drawing. Also, it’s not by chance that I chose the animation drawing option at school!
In my drawings, my characters represent happy memories, significant dreams that I have had or are staged in sporting or artistic sketches (dancing, roller skating, ice skating, horse riding). My style is a mixture of what I prefer from Belgian comics (characters with round faces) from manga (semi-realistic bodies with fine inking, facial expressions and shadow play) and from American cartoons (contrasts strong, theatrical poses).
Attentive to Politics, I sometimes make quick cartoons to laugh at current events. A real TV kid!

I mainly work with acrylic paint, watercolor, fine black or sepia felt-tip pen, colored pencil, POSCA and felt-tip pen.

Today I work in a library with Disney as a neighbor. My artistic skills are used to prepare exhibitions and to host receptions dedicated to children. I also sometimes receive requests for internal orders from relatives in exchange for good service.

Today, I am selling my animal paintings and generously exhibiting them for educational purposes.

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A special view of the animal world

Selection of animal paintings
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