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Isabelle Morin followed her art studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, Art Department. She founded in 1993 the establishment of private higher education Koronin, which becomes upgrade initial training class and by decision of the Ministry of Education and the national student unions. She will teach the model alive for fifteen years, while easel painting occupy being copied to the Musée Jacquemart André  from 2012 to 2014 with  Philippe Morin. She presented her works into the   Montserrat Gallery (Chelsea, Manhattan) New York in 2013.

Removed from the world of education, she is now into a GRETA training infancy. She participated in the creation of the web Art gallery. Isabelle Morin explores, through contemplation, sketches, model in all its evocations and feel it.

The various stays by the sea, an invitation to paint “Etretat” (France) were the trigger for a true contemplative painting, but look to the sharpest accents of abstraction and like exploring a detail like a long shot; and playing on the table formats. Her paintings have diversified into different themes witness dreamily wandering face of the place. She wants to put forward as his other favorite models, color and movement in the composition.

Dessins sur le vif

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Diversified subjects by Isabelle Morin

Peintures acryliques
Vagues et jeux de mer
Coucher de soleil
La seine au petit matin
Un New York si réel

Sélection Peintures d’Isabelle Morin

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