Pablo Gomez

Pablo Gomez is a Venezuelan artist. He lives in Maracay.

After studying at the School of Visual Arts Rafael Monasterios, Pablo was Professor of Visual Art at ARTE.

« Colors bring the artwork to life, color signals sunlight, from cool blues, greens and purples to warm yellows, reds and oranges. Each artist is an actor unloading all his energy and color on his canvas, no one sets limits or conditions on his creative spirit. The color is a faithful whim of the psychological temperament of each of the artists, the painting demonstrates the painter’s degree of creativity and creative madness, the color is magical, practical, kind, convenient and suicidal, the color is like the wind can be good , but it can also be disastrous and strange. »
Pablo Gomez.

Pablo Gomez

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Some reference exhibitions of Pablo Gomez:

  • El Cabriales Plastic Arts Fair, University of Carabobo.
  • De la Misma tierra, Art Gallery of the Bicentenary of San Joaquim de Turmero.
  • Edo Carabobo Chamber of Commerce collective.
  • Collective Museum of Aragonese Draftsmen Cerda, Spain.
  • Aragonese visual artists, Tricentenaria Art Gallery, Macaray.
  • Collective 4 for Una Unarte, Abierta National University.
The rewards
  • CONAC Medal, Salon Tito Salas.
  • Medal of Honor, La Victoria painting competition.
  • Palo Negro professional painting price.

Let’s watch together the videos made by Pablo Gomez, our artist.

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