Patrick Boussignac

Patrick Boussignac travels constantly back and forth between the capital of France and Corrèze for economic reasons; sometimes even obliged to go and look after cows with farmers in Bellechassagne. It was during these long hours of solitude that his observation and taste for nature were born. In class as in the fields, he drew characters glimpsed on emerging television or in small comic books sold at the time, as much as the animals in his care. Despite the simplicity of this peasant life, Patrick Boussignac will undoubtedly live the best hours of his life there, developing an imagination to fill the hours spent alone in the middle of the meadows.
Following his parents’ transfers to the Paris region (Villejuif), it was in view of his skills and his gift for drawing that his father sought out an art school for him. Corvisart refused to take him as a student; it was ultimately the Elisa Lemonnier vocational high school at Porte Dorée in Paris which accepted him in Applied Arts, Advertising section.

Studies and beginnings in the artistic field

Patrick Boussignac tried the School of Fine Arts for the first time, having definitely chosen to become a painter: first failure, he was refused. He tried again the following year without further success. He will take his professional baccalaureate in applied arts. The year he turned twenty, he left for Germany for his national service.
Back in France, he began working as a graphic designer in a small advertising agency, Place des Innocents in Paris. He was fired three months later and decided to devote himself fully to his true passion, painting.


He found his first drawing teacher from the Villejuifoise years who was also a painter, Gilles Cadiou, son of the realist painter, leader of the Reality painters Cadiou.
Cadiou will teach him the basics of classical painting, which Boussignac will complete by going to copy certain paintings, including those by Ingres, at the Louvre Museum. Attending the Louvre for long hours will enrich his knowledge of the classics.


Patrick Boussignac
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The exhibitions
Since 1976, Boussignac has participated in several exhibitions:

  • Salon d’Automne (Autumn Exhibition),
  • Salon Comparison,
  • Comparative Art Exhibition,
  • Salon of the Independents,
  • Exhibition of Independent Artists,
  • Osaka Fair,
  • Art Expo New York,
  • Art Exhibition in New York,
  • Salon of contemporary painters – exhibition of contemporary artists (Grand Palais in Paris),
  • Salon International de Monaco – International exhibition in Monaco.
The latest exhibitions
  • 2014 Kunthaus Schill, Stuttgart, Germany – River Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • 2015 Wilhemspalais, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • 2016 Ardena Gallery / International Foundation Of the Letters and Russian Culture, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2017 Ardena  Gallery Moscow Instinct of Winter, Russia.
  • 2019 Maison du Temps /Swatch Geneva – Salon Art Moderne 3F Montreux, Switzerland.
  • 2020 Hôtel des Bergues Four Seasons, Geneva, Switzerland – Muza Art Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2021 Residence Sareevo Resort – Movenpick Hotel, Moscow, Russia.


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