Collective exhibition AMBASSADORS.

October 20 to 30, 2022

Our artist Alain Cabot continues his exhibitions and informs your online gallery.
It is with pleasure that I relay them to you.

Connecting the Americas, Europe and Africa, the Mona Lisa III mission crosses the oceans accumulating virtuous merits for the benefit of humanity. The exhibiting artists are of course Alain Cabot (Paris, France), but among others Caro (great Italian master of painting, Milan, Italy), Paula Reschini Mengoni (Argentina), Leticia Marotta Ferrari (Buenos Aires), Norma Domancich (Buenos Aires), Marcelo Fabian Bertolini (Buenos Aires), Valeria De Ugarte Torrico (Bolivia).

I am attaching some new photos from Alain Cabot’s exhibition at the Il Leone gallery in Rome, see the previous article.

Venue of the exhibition:

AAB Gallery, 1 rue Francis Picabia, Paris 20th (access map)

Thursday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Would you like to acquire a work by Alain Cabot? Or contact our artist?
Write to us (Artemis Irenäus), we will put you in touch with him.


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