Patrick Boussignac: a challenge to the persistence of myth. 

In art, does the temptation of the imagination imply the death of myth?

Interesting point of view! The temptation of the fantastic in art could be considered a challenge to the persistence of myth. Imagination opens new worlds and allows artists to create their own stories and images that are not necessarily tied to existing myths.

In a way, one could argue that the dominance of fantasy in art challenges old myths and creates new narratives. On the other hand, modern myths and legends can also develop from fantasy. Fantasy elements can lead to new symbols and mythologies in contemporary stories.

It’s a fascinating balancing act between preserving traditional myths and creating imaginative new narratives. Perhaps it is also a form of evolution in which art does not kill the myth, but transforms it and adapts it to changing cultural contexts.
What do you think ? Let’s start the debate!

The following works are by Patrick Boussignac.



An exceptional work by Patrick Boussignac.
“The Rite of Spring” (the Moscow. collection).


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