Isabelle Morin in Fort-Mahon.

The previous weekend, our painter Isabelle Morin was on a trip to the Baie de Somme (a very well-known place for your online art gallery since she makes frequent stays there; the Swiss team loves coming there in the summer). It was a cold day, a windy day. But a nice day.
Remember that Isabelle Morin is the artist who sells the most of her works with the Art Gallery.

Isabelle talks to us about her way of seeing Art.

Painting or photography for me the same urgency invades me, that of capturing my emotion in the face of the beauties of color, lights or arrangements of shapes. My brain seems drugged by this way of conceiving of what surrounds me, of small stones or wide open spaces.
I analyze with frantic joy; see the obsessive idea, of being able to take the time of a gesture, press the button or trace with a brush, the crucial moment representing my version of suspended happiness. All these unique moments in themselves where only the image counts. Sometimes the question is asked: Do you prefer the line or the color? For me the two are intimately linked, like form and plans. This is what creates the relief, the spiciness or the connection. It all depends on what has time for a fraction of a second to tickle my eyes and tell me: I want to keep that. Like the portrait of a loved one who has this glow in the back of their eye, or this facial expression making this photo the symbol of their being. When will the painters who have been waiting for a long time wake up, ready to plant their claws again? Painting or photo, same fight.


Isabelle Morin à Fort-Mahon.

Our artist, Isabelle Morin, in Fort-Mahon. If you would like to purchase one of his works or contact our artist, write to us, or visit his page.


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