From photography to the finishing touches. 

For this month of September 2023, the online Art gallery welcomes the painter Axel Di Chiappari.

Axel Di Chiappari is also a performer (Conceptual art). He produced “NEOPICS”, which are various subjects ranging from self-portraits to landscapes, including more societal themes.
Axel works using mixed techniques with photography, digital image processing, then I add inks, sometimes felt-tip pens, acrylic paint.

Visit Axel Di Chiappari’s page and follow his news in the media.


Ouverture du Festival INFR'ACTION 10 Espace Paul Boyé Sète

Axel Di Chiappari: opening of the INFR’ACTION Festival 10 Espace Paul Boyé Sète.

Three works by our artist:


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