“Gang 2014-2016” series, by Alain Cabot. 

This subject of Gangs is treated by Alain according to a process that goes from figurative to documentary. This is why the basis of this series takes both from the sacred subject of the Middle Ages as well as from the Renaissance and comics. It is a continuous narration that settles around the phenomenon of gangs, in permanent war for the conquest of territories. However, Alain Cabot does not offer a moralizing reading. Alain does not judge. The scenes he offers us are figurative. They are composed on a background where, in the violent tones of yellow or red, the eyes of the spectator are offered a landscape of misery, the misery of the South American favelas, representative of the misery of all the suburbs devastated by war. and crime. Including those of the wealthy cities of the western world. This world which is present in bits and pieces, in the details of an aging urban civilization (billboards, graffiti, street art).
Alain Cabot sees this series as the series that makes the most massive use of the process of quoting and recycling materials (pasted paper taken from advertising posters) and details taken from comic books and films, and even documentaries.

Like Velasquez, Alain Cabot represented himself in one of his paintings. The online gallery invites you to find which one. Will you find?

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