Dzyan (Eric Jarque) tells us about his plastic approach

Dzyan (Eric Jarque) wrote me this pleasant email intended for the Blog of the Franco-Swiss online gallery. I am happy to publish it to you in our editorial line.

This is Dzyan’s experience of working on a live model. Subject that is known to me especially as I posed myself for Philippe and other plastic artists a few years ago.
Let’s read Dzyan now.

“The session took place in two periods of three hours, at the studio of artists of the Emerald Coast that I attended for a year. The lady, all slender with a pretty face, was just dressed in a lace veil and was able to keep the pose without moving. I was able to measure the difficulty of this so particular work. During this day, I could only pose the large masses and the shadows in pencil. final result, it is of course very far from what I hoped for it seemed so difficult to me.

I had prepared the canvas with 4 coats of Blanc de Meudon diluted with skin glue and intermediate drying. The canvas has become so hard that it looks like a wooden slab. Moreover, this artisanal process left on the entire surface of the canvas, very fine marks in length that I did not sand on purpose.

The coloring was done at home and I returned there many sessions by adding successive glazes, as I like to do. Mixed with the colors, the first coats were lean with aspic gasoline and a little Venetian turpentine. For the following coats, I had composed a medium of black oil, copal varnish, mastic resin, and Flemish drying medium. This composition has the advantage of being able to work again in the semi-fresh the next day, without disturbing the layers below that were put on the day before.

Soon I’ll be starting a fairly large navy that a friend asked me for in exchange for tree trunks for my totem poles. “

I take a new pleasure to publish a photo of the Totems of Dzyan.
Thanks, Eric.

Artemis Irenäus (Team Switzerland)

The France Suisse online art gallery invites you to discover the artistic work of Eric jarque Dzyan
The France Suisse online art gallery invites you to discover the artistic work of Eric jarque Dzyan


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