The friendship between a Swiss art gallery and a French castle.

Your online art gallery opens excellent relations with the French association VABLC which maintains the “Bois la Croix” castle, in the French department of Seine et Marne, twenty kilometers from Paris. This castle belonged to the Morane family, a famous aircraft manufacturer from the beginning of the twentieth century. Today it is still privately owned.

What friendship brings.

In a fascinating connection between art and culture, a renowned Swiss art gallery and a historic castle in France have become close friends. This unique friendship is deeply rooted in a shared passion for promoting art and culture and pursuing creative exchange across national borders. far.
Rich in history and cultural heritage, the castle provides an inspiring environment for artists and art lovers. The Swiss art gallery brings with it a diverse range of contemporary works that enrich the rich French cultural landscape. Together we are working to build a bridge between their two worlds by organizing creative projects, perhaps future exhibitions and cultural events, discussions are underway for next year, under the umbrella of wishes and possibilities of VABLC. This dynamic collaboration creates new opportunities for artistic development, cultural exchange and shared growth.

The friendship between the Swiss art gallery and the French castle is a brilliant example of the unifying power of art and the cross-border importance of culture. It shows how the love of art can bring together people from different countries and backgrounds to achieve a common vision: the promotion of creativity, beauty and cultural diversity.

All photos were taken on 03.23.2024.


Salon after salon, until that of Countess Sarah.


  1. Dartval

    The photos show a magnificent setting that would be ideal for art exhibitions. Has this opportunity ever been considered or realised?
    If possible, thank you for your information and follow-up.
    French artist.

    • Philippe Morin

      Good morning.

      Sorry for the response time, the online Art gallery has been quite busy with the preparation of an upcoming stay in Alsace, as you can read in our last published article.
      To answer your question, the French association VABLC – domain of Château du Bois la Croix, Seine & Marne – proposed to us a development of activity ideas aimed at promoting this historical heritage, former residence of the French writer George Ohnet. The castle was also that of the Morane family, famous for their planes. One of these planes, the Morane (G or H) was also used from the park right next to the castle.
      For the moment, our painter Isabelle Morin has already been admitted to sketch the architecture of the Comtesse Sarah living room and the details of the main fireplace in the neo-baroque style.
      The Château du Bois la Croix (VABLC) develops luxury reception activities in a different way linked to the exceptional setting.

      If you have other questions…



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