The art painting of Tamhuy. 

Abstract art teaches us to look at and understand art in a different way. Unlike figurative art, which depicts recognizable objects and shapes, abstract art often uses shapes, lines, colors, and textures to convey emotional and aesthetic qualities without resorting to specific, easily identifiable motifs.

Here are some lessons that can be learned from looking at abstract art:

Openness to Interpretation: Abstract art requires open interpretation. It allows each viewer to bring their own thoughts, emotions and meanings into the artwork. This encourages individual perspectives and subjective interpretations.

Expression of Emotion: Abstract art allows artists to express emotions and moods in a non-representational way. The choice of color, structure and form can evoke deep emotional resonances without resorting to concrete images.

Freedom of Creativity: Abstract art encourages artists to fully explore their creative freedom. It stands out from realistic representations and opens up space for experimental techniques and individual expression.

Perception of form and color: When viewing abstract art, people can sharpen their perception of shapes and colors. Attention is focused on the fundamental elements of art, and viewers often develop a finer sense of the nuances of lines, surfaces and color combinations.

Encouraging discovery: Abstract art encourages you to not just look at art superficially, but to go deeper and discover the different layers and elements. This encourages active participation from the viewer.

Acknowledgment of the process: In abstract art, the creative process itself is often an important part of the work of art. Understanding the creative process can foster an appreciation for the craft side of art. So, overall, abstract art teaches us to appreciate art as a means of self-expression and diverse interpretation. It broadens our horizons and opens us to a wider range of artistic expressions.

Let’s take a closer look.


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