The profession of the blacksmith. 

The title of our article might remind you of the old Anglo-American film “The Rose and the Arrow”  by Richard Lester from 1976. Yes?

The craft, the art of blacksmithing.

Eric Jarque Dzyan is a painter and blacksmith. He works with metal to make it an art career.

Blacksmithing is a fascinating craft that has existed for centuries. She combines skill, creativity and strength to transform metal into stunning works of art by heating and shaping it. Historically, blacksmithing played a crucial role in the production of weapons, tools and architectural elements.
In today’s context, blacksmithing is often viewed as a craft. Many blacksmiths create unique pieces such as sculptures, furniture, jewelry and decorative elements. It is an art form that can incorporate both traditional techniques and modern designs. The artisanal nature of blacksmithing makes each piece unique and gives it a special artistic quality.

Whether as a preserved craft or a contemporary art form, blacksmithing remains an impressive form of self-expression and a tribute to craftsmanship.
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