Marie Isabelle visiting a ceramist. 

Marie Isabelle, known as MARIECOUICOUI in her profession as a pet-sitter and host for guinea pigs, gives us an interesting article testifying to her collaboration with a promising ceramist. She offers your online gallery this article, written by her. Remember that the Koronin Art Gallery (Kunstgalerie die Koronen) considers artistic craftsmanship to be one of the Fine Arts. It’s a thought, a personal choice.

“This Sunday, December 17, 2023, I went to the Manufacture des Oiglets in Ivry sur Seine (93) to find a promising ceramist, artist and ceramist craftsman that I knew during my creator/self-entrepreneur training course in La Hive®.
That day, Mélanie d’Aloisio (@ceramicamelde on Instagram) participated in the “Petits Formats” exhibition at the Manufacture des Oillets, in a workshop reminding me of the one in which I had studied art in the 19th district of Paris.

Mélanie makes mugs, vases, bowls as well as jewelry with her own hands in her workshop in Ivry sur Seine. Nature is the common thread of his achievements.
On his creations, we find hand-painted carp, small birds perched on trunk-shaped vases whose grooves are engraved one by one.
What I particularly appreciate are the shapes his creations take, they fold and feel light like fabric. The volume takes on a different appearance and creates movement. Its little scratched vases almost blend in with fur depending on the given movement. Suddenly, we see a small bird perched on the edge of the vase. A little touch of poetry which gives it all its charm and clearly defines Mélanie’s personality.”

Read this article in Marie Couicoui’s Blog.

Some creations by Mélanie d’Aloisio (@ceramicamelde)



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