Capturing the essence of experiences. 

This month of August 2023, your online Art gallery welcomes the Vietnamese artist Tamhuy.
Tamhuy comes from the great art schools. He writes to us:

“I am a contemporary artist who is widely recognized for my unique style of gestural painting. Through my artwork, I strive to capture the essence of emotions and experiences, employing a musically poetic approach that infuses my paintings with a sense of depth and meaning.
In my creative process, I embark on a journey of self-expression and exploration, allowing the brushstrokes to flow freely and intuitively across the canvas. Each stroke is deliberate yet spontaneous, reflecting my inner thoughts and emotions. This gestural technique not only lends a dynamic energy to my paintings but also creates a sense of movement and rhythm that resonates with viewers.”


Would you like to buy a work by Tamhuy? Or contact our artist?
Write to us, we will put you in touch with him.


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