Meeting of the Art Gallery in Vendée.

When you are an Art gallery owner, you are curious about everything, you are interested in everything and of course, you like to travel. But for our two teams, Swiss and French, they are not passionate about resorts. What they like are the homestay destinations in the neighboring country, the small villages, the still uncrowded beaches or the walks and canoe trips.
As three years ago in “Clisson”, then last year in “Saint Julien de l’Escap” at Diane May de Golconde Buzance, from August 12 to 19, our two teams will meet once again in Vendée, this time in “La Prée”, between “Plaine sur Mer” and “Pornic”.

On the agenda for our days therefore: canoe trips, hiking along the French coast, drawings, paintings, a good restaurant. So we take the field easels, the boots, the kways, the life jackets to navigate on the water, enough to cook good sandwiches and sit on the grass, not to mention sunscreen and our beach towels. Diane May (Diane Mathilde) will join us there from Rome.

For those of you who do not know Diane May de Golconde Buzance, our friend is a historian and has worked as a living model for some major French public and private art schools, including the private higher education establishment Koronin between 2010 and 2014. Diane May is not a member of the online Art gallery but a member of the family.

Of course, during these holidays, all the services of your online Art gallery will be active.

Photo: Isabelle Morin, Pornic, été 2022.

Photo by Isabelle Morin, Pornic, summer 2022.


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