Lausanne and the unfocus?

On May 19th I will be exhibiting “Unfocus”. A Photographic History».
Do you want to come with me? Yes?

The exhibition traces the history of blurring in photography, from the invention of the process to the present day. This exhibition begins with certain paintings from the 17th century – a time when “Unfocus” is a very specific pictorial category – and moves on to the present day, when blur is becoming a dominant element of photographic aesthetics.
The exhibition thus makes it possible to grasp the challenges of blurring in different photographic practices, be it in photography for artistic purposes, in photography by amateurs, by scientists or for reporting purposes. Interspersed with comparisons with painting and cinema, it narrates, particularly through key works, the evolution of this form and the values associated with it, depending on the era and different photographic practices.

Important information

As always, the online gallery invites you to visit different museums, different exposures in France or Switzerland. Each of these excursions fulfills the purpose and the desire to take the majority of them with them around this cultural event. We offer you our professional expertise to talk about various topics, abstract art, sculpture… Take your chance! The online gallery ends up not getting any money for its participants. Entrance to the museum, transport and overnight stays (if necessary) are each subject to a separate fee and must be clarified with the relevant organizations.

Make an appointment!

Write to me to fix the time of our meeting. The number of seats is limited.

Photo Elysée
PLATEFORME 10 – Place de la Gare 17 (station square 17)
1003 Lausanne
Suisse (Switzerland)

For more information, I am happy to assist you.

Artemis Irenäus.


Victoria/Albert Museum London

“Unfocus“. Our thanks go to


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