Draw and paint at Lake Narlay.

Isabelle Morin has been drawing the Swiss and French Jura for years. The village of Les Rousses, that of Etival, the lake of L’abbaye near Saint Laurent en Grandvaux, the communal forest of Lajoux facing the Mont de la Dôle (border between Switzerland and France), the town of Nyon, Prémanon . Isabelle Morin does not choose tourist panoramas, she looks around her, observes the precise place where she lives and paints, draws the landscape.

This year, she was with the Swiss team of the online gallery in the small village of Frasnois, on the shores of the lakes of Narlay, Ilay, small and large Macus. A Jura region of four lakes near the famous Hérisson waterfalls and the Langouette gorges.

Isabelle Morin is an artist who continues the tradition of painting and easel drawing, a tradition of watercolor sketching, a technique that leaves no room for error. Once the color has spread, correction is no longer possible. Isabelle puts on her paper what her eyes see.

Let’s take a look at these three recent photos and the two videos together. The second dates from 2013.

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