Artistic exhibition atmosphere and clean air for the Online Art Gallery! 

On Friday April 14th, the online art gallery team visited the National School of Fine Arts in Paris for the “New World” exhibition. The theme of this artistic exhibition was to bring together about twenty artists and share their visions with workshop leaders and students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. There were choreographies, concerts, a puppet show, film screenings, interspersed with discussions between the artists and the audience. This Monday 17th, the Swiss team returned to Chur but is preparing for a new trip to France.

On April 22, she will spend a week’s stay with her French counterpart in the Haut-Jura Park in the village of Frasnois on Lake Narlay, dedicated to drawing, painting and pleasant walks. A restaurant evening is planned. only one ? Maybe not. Whatever the weather in the French Jura, the Online Art Gallery team takes the easels, paint boxes, parkas and hats with them.


Picture above: A.Casse (ensba Instagram posts).
Picture below: Artemis Irenäus, Lake of Ilay.


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