Philippe Moulin exhibited 70 works!

Our visual artist Philippe Moulin sent his news to the online gallery; we are happy to publish them to you.

Far from transcribing you with a simple copy/paste of the article published on Philippe Moulin in the media Le Var et Vous, media media dealing with current events in the Var department, Natascha, our French-speaking editor, is recomposing a new article for you .

Philippe Moulin was a guest at the Maison Tholosan in Bandol. The inauguration on September 13, 2022 on the roof of the Harbor Master’s Office, was chaired by Hervé Baud in the presence of many personalities: Robert Benveneti, Mayor of Ollioules, Vice-President of TPM and President of SCOT Provence Méditerranée, Laetitia Quilici, Vice -President of the Departmental Council of the Var, Frédéric Boccaletti Deputy of the 7th district of the Var without forgetting the navigator Yvan Bourgnon.

Philippe Moulin exhibited seventy-five of his pictorial works.
In the Varois media, Solange Robinet writes: Once past the front door, the works rush towards the visitor and it is a symphony of colors that breaks in. The paint clings. This need to paint of the Bandolais artist is deeply felt by the public, which adheres. Visibly moved, he goes from canvas to canvas, lingers, appreciates and discovers: The canvases are called: “discreet intention”, “path of life”, “intimidation”, “divergence”, “fissuring”, “neurosis” … Instinctive messages? Perhaps, as for example the one inscribed on the edge of a painting entitled: “a way of being”: “I lost myself in galactic infinity, it is possible that you can find me inside my work, be careful, it is possible that I am asleep in it and that I am carried away”.

Philippe Moulin’s painting is a vector of diversity, exchanges and encounters. His painting was noticed at the James L. Knight Center in Miami. The most significant meeting of Philippe Moulin is the one with the street-artist: Shepard Fairey, known under the name of Obey, who in 2008 had created the famous poster representing then the candidate Barack Obama.

The photos and some of the comments are from the media Le Var et Vous. They are entrusted to the online gallery for publication with the agreement of Philippe Moulin.

Philippe at the Maison Tholosan in Bandol.

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