Marie Isabelle and the 33rd edition of the Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville.

The Online Gallery opens its Blog to Marie Isabelle. “First of all, a small disclaimer to remind you that this article is not intended to highlight certain artists more than others. The artists presented in this article are those who have been available and who have taken the time to explain their artistic approach to us. From Friday May 20, 2022 to Monday May 23, 2022 was held the 33rd edition of the Open Doors of the Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville and I had the opportunity to visit the Atelier rue Mélingue in the 19th arrondissement of Paris on Saturday May 21 2022. We warmly thank the artists who agreed to allow us this publication. This is the subject of two articles, La galerie d’Art en ligne will publish its follow-up and end of June 7th. You should know that before being an artist’s studio, the premises were occupied by a Preparatory School for Higher Education in Plastic Arts, a school in which I did my graduate studies from 2012 to 2014. The premises was taken over by the visual artist Elisabeth LEROLLE under cover of the Association “Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville”, thus allowing to preserve the soul of the young artists who studied there, but also to provide a work space for new artists joining the Association. It was therefore with nostalgia and accompanied by a former student of my promotion, Mylène Prunier, that I went to my former place of study. I had the pleasure of meeting Elisabeth LEROLLE. Elisabeth presents her sculptures mainly made from recycled materials. Most of his sculptures have a double reading, one side on one side then the other, they look at each other at 360 C°, interact with each other or even have tea together! My attention is captured by a mobile made of chicken bones, very graphic, airy (if one can say so) and terribly design! ” In the next article, we will present an exhaustive photo gallery of the works exhibited in the workshop during this 33rd edition of the Open Doors of the Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville.
mélingue work shop outdoors
Isabelle atelier rue Mélingue
Top photo: the courtyard of the rue Mélingue studio. Above: Elisabeth Lerolle and Mylène Prunier. Photos by Marie Isabelle.


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