From Clive Barker to Jacques Prévert: a liturgy! 

Our South American artist Fabian Caro sends us these latest works.

The Swiss Team of our online gallery is particularly sensitive to the work of Fabian Caro, who quickly became a personal friend of Baroness Von Baste. Because it is obvious that the multi-format work of Fabian Caro is very close to the legends of Graubünden and Alemannic which populated the childhood of Artemis Irenäus Von Baste.
Fabian’s work is an impressive gallery of fantastic beings who border on robotic divinities, but never fall into monstrosity.
We come across eroticism, a metaphysical pantheon that evokes the French poet Jacques Prévert, but also Star Trek with this fusion of the organic and the machine seen as one of the probable destinies of humanity.
And yet!
Wouldn’t there be James Ensor or Jheronimus Bosch in Fabian Caro? Méliès and Cyrano de Bergerac as well? His drawn and painted metaphors lead us to ask ourselves this question.

The automatons are alive, the nymphs are blowing, Dante no longer seems scared and all that population of monsters, the city of Cabal by Clive Barker and his Midian where the monsters – whether they be those of the Freaks, of our tales, the crazy inventions mad scientists or simply the fruits of nature, live with dignity in peace, far from men.

Observe how all these characters express peace, tranquility and, we dare to write it, benevolence. Could it be because their mind resists the inebriation of the real world?
It is a true liturgy that Fabian Caro offers us. And this gift does us the greatest good at a time when Vladimir Putin’s psychopathy brings the horror of barbed wire to our doorsteps.

Konstanz and Philip

Notre artiste sud américain Fabian Caro nous envoie ces dernières œuvres.

Would you like to acquire a work by Fabian Caro? Or contact our artist?
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