Vladimir Vladimirovich : ENOUGH OF YOUR THREATS !

This Sunday evening, Artémis Irenäus, Konstanz, Natascha & I are taking the decision to close our showcase activity for your-our Plastic Art with Russia.

Our contacts with Russian culture are excellent, if Artémis Irenäus was invited to Saint Petersburg, a memorable trip & a memorable stay. Alas, the latest threats from the President of the Russian Federation to resort to nuclear weapons in order to establish his domination astound us & are unbearable to us.
Selling your Art, ours, cannot be done at the cost of ignoring this belligerent attitude.

You can still consult our previous publications in Russian, but from this evening the online Art gallery Les Koronin will no longer write in this language.

Sincerely to all.

Artemis Irenäus & Philippe

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