The work of Fabian Caro, a world to explore!

Fabian Caro, our South American artist, sent us this new great opening to come and explore his personal circus universe. The online gallery France Suisse Les Koronin publishes a letter from Fabian Caro, translated from Spanish by Konstanz (Team Suisse, and a little help from online dictionaries, we must admit and remain honest).

If you ask Artémis Irenäus what she thinks of the work of Fabian Caro, she will answer you that this phantasmagorical universe between “The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen”, the adaptation made to the cinema by Paul Grimault on texts by Jacques Prévert, but also the good old Star Trek, reminds her of her childhood with the legends of German-speaking Graubünden, she loves it!

By Fabian Caro
Fabián Caro invites us to an exhibition, but in this gesture there is a deception. He knows he’s craving something different, an experience that’s much more like a circus performance than a museum visit. Once inside the gallery, it is physically impossible to walk slowly stopping in front of each work. Our body is forced into a very different biological reaction. The gaze jumps from character to character, we immerse ourselves in a diaphony. Little by little we let ourselves be enveloped by the dance, the acrobatics and the antics. It’s inevitable, the immersive experience (without advanced technology, with even more powerful resources) gives us the feeling of dreaming in the oldest theater of humanity.

In the exhibition space are all the elements of the high-flying circus show. Not just colors, shapes, rhythms and dresses; also, the coherent story, although mysterious, the moralistic message, but without prejudices. Each work is a fable featuring a member of the grotesque court. Sometimes the artist allows us to explore, through a Fisheye, scenes of exaggerated sensuality; further on we come across dismembered beings, kings of ancient peoples, deformed bodies. They are all main actors and each keeps, like treasures, indecipherable symbols which, however, build a powerful discourse built to bring down our unconscious and transform us.

Everything is built from the architecture. The show takes place in a space and each work offers a setting. And where color and form, perspective and volume stop, the invisible becomes relevant. Because sculptural entities interact with what is not perceived: they seek what is beyond imagination; suffer from ghostly pains; they are surprised by scenes that are not there. Fabián Caro’s neo-surrealism frees kings and beggars to laugh at us and recognize us in them.

In “Oniric Substrates”, the multiformat is not a technical display, it is an allegory of the mosaic formed by experience, imagination and mystery. It is the context and it is also the content. This is the message and this is the equipment needed for the magic to take place inside the tent. It is the precise scenography so that the spectacle of emotion unfolds there. Welcome to the circus!

Treat yourself, watch the video below. Fabian Caro is waiting for you there!


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