In kayaks with easel from the Charente to Neuchatel. 

View of a meeting, brushes in hand. As you know, the KG is a small group of friends between Switzerland and France. It accommodates artists from different nations, Germans, Italians, Cubans, from America, Vietnam, CH and F. So far we don’t have any artists from Africa or Russia.
It is a real shortcoming that one would have to fill. However, always according to our art conditions, namely “don’t paint, but paint.

In August, Isabelle, Philippe and I, Natascha (gifted cook) drove along a river in the Charente, «la Boutonne», near the town of St. Jean d`Angely. We were staying with a friend Diane Mathilde De Golconde Buzance, former model for morphology courses in Paris art schools and now a nude model at the Scuola Libera del Nudo in Rome.

We stowed our painting supplies in two-seater kayaks and went down the Boutonne from Dampierre Castle. We could moor where we liked and paint the landscape. The following week we drove to Neuchatel (Tene beach) and this time stayed in a chalet «le Coty», above the Val de Ruz (VdR) and Dombresson.

These two weeks gave us the opportunity to see each other again after each of us lives on both sides of the border. We did what artists do best, choosing stroke and line, what paper or tool would influence the depiction, working with draftsmanship, giving you a story to tell.

The online gallery and its month of August 2021
The online gallery and its month of August 2021


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