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Marie Isabelle sends a personal article to the Swiss Team of your online gallery. The subject of this article is one of his canvases, a major work in his plastic bestiary. Recall that the octopus, the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) belong to the class of cephalopods (a word that means head and feet). We present the article as received.


By Mary Isabelle

Why an octopus? Well, I am fascinated by the sea, the ocean and its fauna. Octopuses are strange creatures, about which we do not know much, except that they have a formidable capacity to adapt in their natural environment. They change color, shape, sneak into any type of shelter, even the narrowest to escape their predators.

In 2014, at the age of 19, I wanted to represent an octopus in very orange acrylic, contrasting with the blue of the ocean. It floats aerially, revealing its beautiful suction cups. In my painting, I really wanted to give it this impression of movement, even if it is indeed a frozen painting. This is my second animal acrylic painting following the Lionfish. I was motivated to do an ocean animal series.
In this painting as in all those I create, I use acrylic for its rapid drying in order to work on the layers of contrasts. It is these strong contrasts that will give the volume and differentiate the plans.
In working this octopus, I mainly proceeded with round and dot touches, for the suction cups, but also for the camouflaged skin in order to recreate this rough texture with which the octopuses are dressed.

Like all my paintings, this octopus is painted on a linen canvas mounted on a frame by hand and held in place with a nail. Its dimensions are 73x54cm. I had the chance to exhibit this painting at the Salon Studyrama 2014 to represent my art school. I hope to exhibit it soon in other shows with my other unusual animals! By the way, don’t hesitate to check out my other animal paintings on my LES KORONIN Gallery page, but also my pop-culture paintings, watercolors and drawings on my website and my Instagram.

See you soon !”

Marie Isabelle's animal paintings, in the online gallery France Switzerland Les Koronin (Die Koronen)

This painting is on sale in Marie Isabelle’s page.


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