A promising fall for art galleries?

The year 2021 is not over yet, but we can take advantage of this November to have hope. Let’s face it, this new year with Covid hasn’t been easy for the G like ours.

Except in Switzerland, the lockdowns in France, Germany, and Spain did not persuade Russia (where it is still up to this day), restricted or even canceled G’s visit. We do not have the resources of a virtual FIAC capable of organizing art visitors (even in Mndarin with the Zoom app)! As a result, our G has had difficulty doing its main work, namely bringing artists together with collectors / buyers.

The sun on the horizon?

At the end of the summer in the beginning of autumn, Philippe and I followed a route from the Salon Paris to the Parcours Art Basel, where we discovered the inner courtyard of the Antiken Museum Basel. Then back to Paris in October for the “47th edition of FIAC”, which JenniferFlayet canceled last year.

The two parisian salons in the Grand Palais Ephemere (finally !!) complemented the reappearance of the international G. The visitors were masked and mostly Europeans. In Art Paris we met some famous Swiss, such as Dietersheim and Maffei from Neuchatel. The dialogue with them was very interesting. While most of the works of art shown in these famous salons are primarily for exhibitions because of the means and space available, the art trade seems to be slowly returning to its entirety (rebirth?).
The KG is an institution that Philippe and I call the “2nd market”, that is, a market consisting of works that are bought by our artists and hang from art lovers, often over a canape.

We can only hope that this beautiful state will remain, but if you look at the statistics on Covid in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world, it is not so certain….


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