Marie Isabelle receives her first illustrator contract

Article written and proposed by Marie Isabelle.

“It is with great pride that I announce my early career as an illustrator!

Eight years after my studies in art school, I had the privilege of being contacted by Mr. Franck VERRECHIA, editor for his company “Colored Films” in order to respond to an order intended for the general public. My work on the gallery as well as the presentation of my sketchbook convinced Mr. VERRECHIA. More particularly, my versatility in the use of mediums, the wide range of themes worked on, my curiosity and my motivation for the project, were greatly appreciated.
This is, in fact, my very first professional order (well paid, with a two-year contract if my work is suitable.) My mission is to adapt and reproduce illustrations such as “speech tables. »From the 60s and 70s on the theme of chocolate making.

I like these illustrations from the time of my grandparents and when my parents were young. Currently, there is a public craze for maps and images decorating school walls, old advertisements for food, hygiene products… My parents’ generation is calling for this return to nostalgia, this return to their childhood, this return to “the good old days”! While mine, seeks to discover how our parents and grandparents lived, and sometimes to go back in the memories of holidays with grandpa and grandma. As if, we were trying to detach ourselves from this ultra-connected era, for which we are doing everything always faster, where everything is going too fast, even!

Vintage style is a real challenge for me. I myself am passionate about the French way of life from the 40s to the 80s. And yet, I have not yet tried this graphic approach.
So I borrowed “Whole Universe” dictionaries from 1970 to visualize possible color techniques for this project. Indian ink, colored pencil and watercolor seem to me to be the most appropriate mediums. And who better than my elders to inform me and immerse me in their youth history! Understanding the history of my subjects is, in my opinion, essential to create an emotion in the client that goes beyond the technique.

At the same time, I continue my professional training to work as a medical secretary. My audience hopes from me that I can continue and make a living from my passion for drawing, so I warmly thank those people who believe in my artistic abilities!

Marie Isabelle ”

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