The story of a birth at sea

(It is about an article by Philippe. English translation: Konstanz)

Artemis Irenäus, Natascha, Konstanz, Elizabeth and I are pleased to inform you that the online art gallery has developed evenly since it was founded.
That was in March 2015 on board the Costa Fascinosa, difficult birth in heavy seas, when the waves played with the imposing ship.

For my part, I remember trying not to think about my armchair, which was pulled out from under me every time the waves crashed – a feeling like falling into an air hole while flying.
The churning sea did not prevent Artemis Irenaeus, dancing in her high heels, from introducing me to her idea of ​​an online art gallery, smiling and with determination, masterfully:
– The online art gallery was to be split into two complementary parts, one in French and the other in Swiss.
– The official registration should take place in France, that of the registered office in Switzerland.
– The structure should be run as a non-profit making company.

Several of us consulted French recruitment agencies, as well as the “Service Pole Emploi (Employment Agency)” – I was looking for a job at the time – stated that, based on their experience, our project was doomed to failure. Only the Swiss administration met us with open arms.
And six years later, the online art gallery continues to grow in size and importance.

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