Last September, Natascha and Artémis Irenäus were in Egypt

Recently Artemis Irenäus von Baste had a discussion with an artist who said to her: “Art is rarely sold on the Internet, if at all. So why all these online galleries?”
When the USA seems to have had enough of Conceptual Art and China discovers Rodin, modern art is now showing up much more in the online galleries because of the pandemic. And from time to time an art collector contacts one of our artists and orders a work.

Since the online art gallery was founded in 2015, it has already sold 28 works (drawings, paintings), often after the art collector contacted the artist and met him. Artemis Irenäus has already been invited to Barcelona twice, she has also gone to Egypt (Charm El, then Hurghada) to make drawings for a hotel group.

By the way, the trip to Hurghada in September was very pleasant. The Hotel Ali Baba Palace had planned a great stay for Artemis Irenäus.

“Speaking of which” Artemis Irenäus, like me (the gallery team) don’t get any money from these sales, 100 percent goes to the artists. It is part of our commitment to the online art gallery and we want to keep this special feature.

With best regards….

Artemis Irenäus von Baste represented the Online Art Gallery during the trip to Egypt. She made a series of drawings that the hotel bought.


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