What is the project about?

It consists in a general sense in the construction of an art and poetics for the blind where the seer also becomes dependent on the abilities of the blind. It is based on deep research on the positive development of the blind person’s abilities from a psychic – social and physiological character, their control and mastery of space and their development in the affective environment and the spiritual field; materially elaborating a didactic, optimal and enjoyable plan that stimulates him in his professional improvement in the artistic environment.

Topics to be stimulated through the projection of the work.

 Artistic creation, drawing, painting and sculpture as entities that are lost and found again in the space of poetry; aesthetics, ethics, criticism, the psychology of art and its theory and learned disability as a fundamental limitation of Man.

Intethemes and guidelines

Freedom, identity, intellect, and spirituality, physical and emotional autonomy, solidarity, love, the value of beauty, self-help, art as an axis of transformation and a field for the cultivation of spiritual wealth.

Project phase !
  1. Investigate theoretically on the field of experience of blindness and the development of the capacities of the physiological, psychological and social blind.
  2. Construction of the artistic object for the public, which stimulates aesthetic enjoyment and reflection for the blind and visual meditation for those who see.
  3. Preparation of conferences on this field.
  4. Call for the participation of blind and sighted individuals in this interactive experience proposed as the axis of human, educational and recreational professional training.

Why has the theme of the inclusion of the blind been taken up in this type of visual art?

Precisely because the plastic arts have the same power to free the soul as the rest of the arts as well as to imprison the forces when when combined with the creativity, the vocation and the enthusiasm of the public and the artist to defend an urgent human need expression.

Function of the concept of art during this experience

Art is presented here as a means of transformation that not only interacts with the environment but also with the very interior of the individual, in this way it detonates the facet of life history from the emotional and from the public to the private. The project is precisely the reason for the space to open up not only the intellectual, but also the social, the ethical, the spiritual and the sensible.

I rely on a discourse of the interior and the deep in what lacerates the human and segregates the subject from silence and shadows, instead to walk towards the light of a rediscovery of the essential and firm of an inner peace, hope and human reunions. Through art this project summons and is the axis for the satisfaction of the blind as an active spectator, as a creator of content and as a social being and dynamic agent to detonate change in the midst of a context where the ultimate orientation of disability is not flexible, but leading to rigid patterns of intellectual, political, and physical exclusion.
But here the individual becomes far from a passive and engendered figure, excluded from affective and communication functions, from interaction with the environment and interpersonal, far from silencing his critical assessment of the reality in which he also participates.
Rather, it is about this individual, the blind as a minority who is also essential in the family and community sphere to defend not only the criteria of inclusion and open positions in favor of “disability” but also the right Art itself to open its doors and not to narrow borders but to discover unlimited universes of new experiences and fields of sensitivity and to be enriched by a whole wealth of asnsias of living the fact of art from its true boundaries and causes towards the ethical, aesthetic claim , and spiritual of our humanity.


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