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Véronique Lesage andshare a passion for equines. Women love horses !!

Véronique wrote to me that she is participating in the ArAnimA virtual exhibition.
ArAnimA is an association that works for the environment and animals, an association of committed artists who through sales of their paintings on display donate 20 percentage of sales
The art exhibition was due to take place in Paris in November 2020 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its activity, but the Covid 19 pandemic will have decided otherwise.

The online art gallery is therefore happy to relay information and invite you to view the documents Véronique Lesage sent to it via Facebook.
The online gallery awaits the next works of Véronique Lesage and will not fail to distribute them to you in its pages.

Artémis Irenäus (Swiss team)

The online gallery offers you the artistic news of Veronique Lesage

Let’s watch these two videos made by Véronique Lesage

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