Gilles Roux 

My name is Gilles Georges Roux. I was born on March sixteenth, nineteen hundred and fifty-five, in Saint Tropez, where I lived throughout my youth. I then studied at the School of Fine Arts in Macon (71) before leaving for Italy where I have lived for forty years now, first in Bologna, then in Elbe, and currently in Rome.

My aesthetic research, since it is a research in question, consists of searching for ideas of forms, which I call “morpho concepts” and interpreting them in an aesthetic key.

The resulting works have great coherence, conceptual in the first place, but also formal, a single format (100×70) a single technique (colored pencils on black paper, white ink graphics).

More than the search for the effect, it is the rendering of the idea that interests me.
In my work we can distinguish two very distinct “lines”:

The Shape of Time rather centers on concepts from general relativity (bands of seasons symbolizing the passage of time are distorted by gravity, for example).
Quantum butterflies. In this series, I symbolize subatomic particles or energy quanta with butterflies (for example, we will have a bundle of purple butterfly quanta which divide as they pass through the interior of a crystal into a cascade of butterfly quanta). ‘lower yellow then red energies).

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Gilles' exhibitions

Gilles Roux exhibits mainly in Italy.

  • November 2021, “Farfalle” (butterflies) event against gender violence.
  • March 2022, international exhibition “Ferro di Prua”, Scuola Grande San Teodoro, Venice.
  • Maggio 2022, personal exhibition of the shape of time, Contesa arte via margutte gallery, Rome.
  • September 2022, two-person “Existence”, EssErre gallery, tourist port of Ostia.
  • November 2022, collective exhibition “Immagina”.
  • March 2023, personal exhibition, Interieur 4 gallery in Trastevere, Rome.
  • May 2023, gallery exhibition “Dama Blu” (Largo Argentino), Rome.
  • July 2023, exhibition in Saint Tropez (Hôtel des Palmiers). Exhibition in the old Bourbon prison in front of the Aragonese castle in Ischia.
  • August 2023, participation in an international “stati d’arte” exhibition at Villa Fidelio, Spello (PG). Exhibition at the “Domus Danaea”, Rome.
  • November 2023, exhibition in the “Anima” (Ame) room, Rome.
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